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We live in an era where our familiar ways of achieving prosperity have become insufficient. An era in which the concept of Growth has been taken hostage by the “market” - an apparent authority and point of reference in our society. A definition of growth synonymous with unbridled expansion at someone else's expense, as if our resources were limitless and whose aggressive terminology - expanding geographically, conquering market share, beating competition, winning customers, bring to mind the battlefields of war. A broken definition we desperately try to mend by fancy prefixes such as sustainable, equal or social. 


We witness an idea of growth insensitive to the symbiotic, infinite play of all living and deaf to the values being destroyed in its progress. Does it have to be this way? Or is it possible to open up, reframe and fill the concept of Growth with a meaning that serves humanity?

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Seeking perspectives

suddiga Lights

"We have invested a quarter of a billion. Huh! I have no clue what comes out of it."

Peter Danielsson, Mayor of Helsingborg

(in Swedish)

November 10, 2020

Skärmavbild 2020-03-26 kl. 08.52.34.png

"The boom in diagnosis is a disorder of society. Not of the individual."

Katarina Bjärvall, Journalist and Author

(in Swedish)

June 9, 2020


Humanity is in a manufactured crisis of distraction with social media as a manoeuvre of banalities.

Mo Hamza, Prof. Risk Mgmt and  Societal Safety & Maria Tonini, Ass.Prof. in Global Politics

March 25, 2020


"For me there is no such thing as us and them. I am many We."

Lena Wetterskog Sjöstedt, Director Skånes Stadsmission

(in Swedish)

January 15, 2020


"I believe Eros is fundamental in business - a workplace needs attraction to thrive."

Wouter Torfs, CEO of Torfs, Author and Opinion maker

November 21, 2019

Orange Building

"Bring up the evolutionary 

purpose of the organisation in the board room - it will immediately be crushed."

Kristian Stålne, Senior lecturer and research scientist at Malmö University

(in Swedish)

October 11, 2019

styrelsepodden (kopia).jpg

"How do companies stay relevant in a complex and fast moving world?"

Lina & Petra, founders of Morphosis in Styrelsepodden

(in Swedish)

September 3, 2019


"The company as an entity is becoming obsolete for the welfare

of humanity."

Eugenio Moliní, Facilitator of organisational transformations

June 18, 2019


"We picture Arkatay as a living organism. If it had a voice - what would it say?"

Jonas Denvall and Klas Skogmar 

at Arkatay

May 21, 2019

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 13.34.35.png

"We believe in an upgraded leadership embracing the dynamics of self management."

Karin Tenelius, Co-founder and

CEO of Tuff ledarskapsträning

(in Swedish)

April 17, 2019

osammanhängande Triangle

"I keep a note in my pocket of our company's values. Perhaps I should have one of my family´s too."

Mikael Åbom, CEO Fonus


(in Swedish)

October 8, 2020


"A strong purpose is crucial for a network based organisation. Ours is about life or death"

Alcoholics Anonymous

(in Swedish)

May 25, 2020


"While the industry chooses Autobahn, we travel the country roads "

Wiveca Almgren, CEO Magnihill

(in Swedish)

February 13, 2020


"I have never taken a job without having an answer to "For whom do we exist?""

Gunvor Engström, Professional board member and Entrepreneur

(in Swedish)

December 16, 2019


"The irony of postmodernism is the deconstruction of everything, except the market."

Lene R. Andersen, Author, publisher, futurist and philosopher

November 7, 2019

Image of I dreamt.jpg

"Corporate leaders are often their own greatest threat. Beyond big egos lays development."

Lena Gustafsson, Founder of Good Relations and Styrelsebalans

(in Swedish)

October 1, 2019


"When people talk about human capital, what do they mean? To me it sounds like cattle."

Finn Påhlsson, Owner and fourth generation of Pågens

(in Swedish)

August 29, 2019

ny TEDx bild.jpg

"The relevant company - from a profit machine for the few to an actor in service of humanity"

Morphosis at TEDx Slottsparken 


June 14, 2019

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 16.39.06.png

"When I biked home that night and saw the balconies filled with flowers

- at that moment I knew we made a difference."

Marcus Wiberg, CEO Intersport

(in Swedish) 

May 10, 2019

Bild till samtal med Peter Strandbrink.j

"Corporate values - a benefit 

or a burden?"

Peter Strandbrink, Professor of Political Science, Södertörns University

(in Swedish)

February 14, 2019

Sports Stadium Säten

"Swedish sport associations are stuck in old structures and beliefs, that go back to the days of Gustav Vasa."

Johan Stark, Secretary General of Swedish Basketball Association 

(in Swedish)

July 2, 2020


"Alignment is not a good thing in complex systems. Coherence is."

Sonja Blignaut, Founder of

More Beyond and partner

at Cognitive Edge

April 1, 2020


"Philosophy of life is about wholeness. It's not a buffet we may pick and choose from"

Cecilia Melder, Doctor of theology with focus on existential health

(in Swedish)

February 3, 2020

Abstract Architecture

"We need to leave our comfort-zone. Stop thinking "It is someone else's job to take care of it.""

Leif Linde, CEO Riksbyggen and

Chairman of Fonus 

(in Swedish)

December 9, 2019

Wolf Painting

"It was October 2012 and Netflix came out of nowhere. We did not see it happen."

Kent Olsson, Founder of Videomix and Owner of Hemmakväll

(in Swedish)

October 21, 2019


"Consumption is the meta narrative of our times. When you see through it, you stand alone."

Tomas Björkman, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of Ekskäret

(in Swedish)

September 10, 2019

sense madsbjerg.jpg

"The most successful corporate leaders look at the world with a

sense of wonder."

Christian Madsbjerg, Author and Co-founder of ReD Associates

August 15, 2019

Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 10.24.22.png

"All corporate cultures need to nurture curiosity. When the odd questions no longer can be asked,

we stop evolving."

Olof Fransson, CEO Granngården

(in Swedish)

May 29, 2019


"To offer objectivity feels noble, it is the core of who we are at Prisjakt."

Linus Jonkman, People and Organization manager at Prisjakt

(in Swedish)

April 29 , 2019

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Morphosis was founded by

Lina Fogelberg and Petra Trobäck. 

Lina is a visionary thinker with an ambition to move away from the banal short cuts in order to embrace the 

messiness and imperfection of life itself. 


Petra is a reflective explorer who has spent most of her life challenging status-quo, finding beauty in the unknown


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