Isabel Rescala

Isabel is an avid kettlebell swinger and concert enthusiast.

She will always look out for new impressions and her journey through life has taught her there is so much more to be seen and so many more stories to be heard. Therefore she finds it important to get input from outside, to look past oneself.

“If one´s experience of a situation can be completely different to someone else’s, what can we learn from that?”

Isabel´s world view is based on a fundamental belief that most people mean well and want to do good. Through her previous work and work to be done, her ambition is to create greater understanding between people, hopefully contributing to a more conscious and compassionate world.


Isabel has previous experience as a curator at Kulturen Museum and as a project assistant at Lund University. Being a devoted reader her self, she coordinates a live book club in Malmö. Isabel holds a M.A. in Applied Cultural Analysis from the University of Lund, Sweden and she speaks Swedish, English and Spanish.

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Morphosis      2018