Maria Gedoz Tieppo

Maria is a curious mind constantly trying to make sense of the world around her and ultimately herself - whilst deep down knowing that life is more of a journey than an end in itself. Smile, laugh, love and do your absolute best is Maria´s take on life: “Look for the great beauty hiding everywhere at plain sight”.


She believes life is meaningful when shared and she lives by the idea that you take from life exactly what you give. For Maria perspective, directly and indirectly, affects everything that we set ourselves to do. She finds it important to be aware of the perspectives we carry, to reflect upon them and constantly challenge them.


Maria sees life as a choice which has to be made every day and believes humans do better when we are passionate, dedicated and committed to what we want from life, from others and from ourselves. Maria will always seek the big picture and connect the dots – in ideas, objects or people.


By helping people to conceive and effectively act upon their ideas of what it takes to make the world a better place she intends to leave a positive footprint. 


Maria holds a Bachelor´s degree in International Relations from School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing in Porto Alegre, Brazil and studied Economic Sciences at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Maria has spent a number of years in South Africa and Brazil as a business strategist for a Brazilian multinational. She speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

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Morphosis      2018