Petra Trobäck

Petra is a reflective explorer who has spent most of her life challenging status quo - finding beauty in the unknown.

As an 11-year old she aspired to become the Prime Minister of Sweden, determined to change the system we live in for the better.


Through years of experience leading strategic assignments and transformations in different organisations, Petra has fostered a unique perspective on leadership, innovation, customer centricity and organisational culture.


Life has taught her that beauty lies in the complexity emerging

when abandoning linear thinking and she will be the first to awake organisations to nurture sensitivity and human abilities in order to make sense of the world around them. With enduring curiosity she seeks new perspectives, questioning existing assumptions convinced that it is with new eyes great discoveries surface.


Petra imagines a world where organisations are in service of humanity. And hope for more bold leaders to desolate the hunger for profit in favour of contributing to a greater good.


She holds a MSc in BA and Economics from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law in Sweden and she counts many years as strategic advisor and as senior leader in both small and large global corporations. Petra is a frequently engaged keynote speaker.

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